Arctic SpasⓇ: Reinventing the Energy Efficient Hot Tub

As inviting as a natural hot spring may look, did you know that the earth is criminally inefficient in how it heats that water? You’ll want to get the most out of your energy buck when you take a soak in your backyard hot tub. That’s why we offer the best In Energy Efficient Hot Tub Technology. From top to bottom we’ve engineered every component to produce more and waste less.

From designing the world’s toughest, most dependable cold weather hot tub to developing industry-leading hot tub technology tools, we’re expanding the limits of hot tub performance, reliability, quality and capability.

Details of an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

When we say that our hot tubs are energy efficient, we’ve set a high bar for ourselves. From a technical and engineering standpoint, every kilowatt matters. It’s easy to say something is energy efficient on paper. Government agencies and Think Tanks have struggled expressing to the public what these terms even mean.

If you want to do something right, you have to lay down concrete objectives and definitions. The same holds true with our Energy Efficient Hot Tubs. We’ve developed a multi-tier approach to limiting hot tub energy costs.

Hot Tub Technology

Energy efficiency consists of three variables and your ambient temperature affects each of these components:


The amount of energy put into the system


The amount of energy used


The amount of waste heat created

The most energy-efficient hot tub needs to deliver high marks in all three areas even with low external temps.

FreeHeat™ Insulation System

Contrary to conventional wisdom, over-insulating interior components is bad for energy efficiency. Our FreeHeat™ system uses the ambient heat from pumps and motors to maintain optimal water temperature. Less energy consumption = lower costs. Now there’s an equation any hot tub owner can embrace!

Recycling waste heat into the system gets more work done and allows the components to make better use of energy in the system.

Arctic Spas FreeHeat Insulation System cycle
Arctic Spas Forever Floor

Forever Floor™

All great plans must start with a sturdy foundation. Our Forever Floor™ is structurally sound, and also helps limit energy consumption with a weather-proof, moisture-proof, everything-proof design.

Less heat lost through the floor means less energy used to achieve desired temperatures. Bonus, the Forever Floor™ also keeps your ambient temperature up, limiting the difference between inside and outside air.

Mylovac™ Cover

High foam density. Super-strong framework. The ability to handle snow, rain, sleet, you name it. Plus, our Mylovac™ cover is the ideal heat-retaining roof for your Arctic SpasⓇ Hot Tub.

Heating the tub each time you use it takes a lot of energy. It’s one thing to pay for a nice hot soak at the beginning of the season, it’s another to pay that daily. For even infrequent users, our Mylovac™ cover speeds up the time between deciding to use the tub and popping in.

Arctic Spas Mylovac Cover

Efficiency is Affordable

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