One-Touch Automated Care: Spa Boy® Saltwater System

by Mar 27, 2024

One-Touch Automated Care: Spa Boy® Saltwater System

In an age of endless reminders, decisions, and responsibilities, the act of manually balancing your hot tub can easily become overwhelming. But, with Arctic Spas’ revolutionary saltwater care system, Spa Boy®, it no longer has to be.

Spa Boy® utilizes advanced artificial intelligence that works in combination with medical grade sensors to help monitor and balance your perfect spa water. This exciting technology flawlessly carries out your spa‘s maintenance with little user invention, meaning you can say goodbye to the complex and confusing spa balancing procedures of the past.

Together, we will explore the benefits of Spa Boy’s automated, saltwater care in comparison to manual, chemical balancing procedures required by traditional hot tub systems.


Benefits of Saltwater Spa Systems

Spa Boy® functions as a part of an intuitively innovative, therapeutically beneficial, saltwater spa movement. Drawing inspiration from our environment, Arctic Spas® has harnessed the natural sanitizing capabilities of salts native to the Dead Sea.

Whereas traditional spa balancers can often irritate the body with an abrasive chemical smell, Spa Boy® generates scent-free sanitizers that are gentle on hair, skin, and eyes, while still providing safe and clear spa water.

Inherent benefits of saltwater continue to physically manifest themselves through:

  • Higher levels of joint lubrication
  • Increased rates of circulation
  • Reduced muscle swelling
  • An overall more relaxed and therapeutic experience within your spa

The use of salt in Spa Boy® also functions as a maintainable and cost effective alternative to chemical spa balancing. By simply replacing the Spa Boy® salt cell, you can effectively minimize the purchase of costly, and labor intensive chemical sanitizers. Easily transform traditional, complex balancing procedures into one-step hot tub maintenance with saltwater and Spa Boy®.


The Ease of Automated Spa Care

While hot tubs are meant to offer you a daily boost of positivity, the complex and time-consuming nature of in-person balancing often allows for anything but relaxation. This is why Arctic Spas® has innovatively designed Spa Boy® to give you remote access to your hot tub from anywhere in the world. This Arctic Spas® exclusive technology offers you full control of

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